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Here we go again. Some boys simply are sissies. This is the story of one of them. It is not a story of discovery, although there is much of that, but rather a tale of a lovely boy's trip to self-realization, albeit a tad 'forced.' If lots of frilly sissy boy and girl outfits, super swishy behavior and a little sex, not to mention dominant women, are your thing, please read on. If not, thanks for looking anyway.
It is also a purely fanciful, fictional fantasy work. No references are intended to portray any actual persons, places or events whether past or present. This chapter is rated R, but future chapters may be rated X. Please be of appropriate age or be gone! Sissy sex is certain occur.


Sissy Julian

by sissystevie

Chapter I, Beginnings


Late Saturday afternoon westbound traffic was light as the powerful black Audi A-8L effortlessly traversed the Hudson River at Tarrytown, New York. The early June sun remained strong, causing the driver to adjust her visor and don aviator sunglasses. In another twelve miles Interstate 87 would turn due north, and the setting sun would no longer be a significant factor.

They would remain on I-87 for another 250 miles until they were in the high peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains. "About three hours," the driver mentally calculated as she cleared the Tappan Zee Bridge and eased into her standard cruising speed of 85.

She briefly looked over at her new charge. The sedative was taking effect. He was beginning to drowse off. Nothing had been said since they left the wedding reception, each choosing to keep his or her own counsel. "Better he sleeps," she thought, "today was a sea change for the poor boy - and he only thinks it was about his mother remarrying and wearing that outfit!"

As the young boy's head nodded forward and then backward to settle against the leather headrest, she again stole a quick glance at him.

"He is simply beautiful," she marveled. "And more girlish than my own daughter - long legs crossed, slender arms limp in almost ballerina-like pose. His flaxen, chin-length hair with natural curls, impossibly long eyelashes, soft hairless skin, high cheekbones, long thin neck and innocent blue eyes are all flawless!"

Never has she seen such a perfect sissy, let alone one as nerve throbbingly beautiful. "It's amazing that he just turned eighteen. He looks fourteen or younger," she marveled to herself.

"The best part is that it's all so natural. He even carried off the milksop wedding outfit we had insisted he wear as the flower boy - although the silk knickers and camisole did seem to create some predictably pronounced points both whilst we dressed him and then periodically during the wedding.

"They all are so very alike, really!"

His outfit was the perfect start for his new life. It began with baby blue patent leather maryjanes with two-inch heels and white silk knee hose with blue bows. A white round Pen Pan collared, sheer pin-point cotton blouse with large blue bow in front was under a pale blue and white thin cord cotton Eton jacket and matching side-buttoning shorts. The matching blue sash about his wispy waist added just the perfect touch. Light frosted white nail polish, matching makeup, little white lace gloves and a darling blue and white small three inch white hair bow finished his outfit.

"What fun I shall have this summer!" she sighed. "And he thinks this little get-up was extreme!"

The small, but sharp bulge in his shorts confirmed everything she already knew.

"This new radar/laser protection suite better work," she thought as the speedometer's needle edged past 100 as she entered the Catskills' region heading north. "When I get north of Albany I can really let my little black baby run!"


Julian Beauchaps Saint Ambrose slowly awoke. The last thing he remembered was riding north on the New York Thruway in his new Aunty Jane's sedan at a frighteningly high rate of speed. The vivid dreams he had during the night were at once troubling and highly erotic. To please Mummy he had worn the flower boy outfit at the wedding. Well, actually he had little choice in the matter after his little 'embarrassment.'

The fact of the matter was that he had been so preoccupied with constant erections that he had to relieve himself three times during the wedding day. The 'pointed popsie' issue so overtook him that his very public debut in such an obvious sissy outfit seemed secondary. And the sensations in his nipples were another whole trip. Anyway, everyone seemed to fawn over him and compliment his outfit as being 'so adorably appropriate.'

In the meantime, his bed and silk chemise nightie felt so yummy. Later he would deal with these 'changes in circumstances,' as Mummy put it.


Miss Jane Elizabeth Bichier sipped her morning tea as she watched the laptop's monitor showing the lovely young sissy nestled in his soft bed linens and calculated that he would rest for another hour or so. It was time to prepare. She pulled the long satin sash next to her bed to summon her maid and made her way to the en suite loo. A most eventful day was about to begin.


"Are we completely ready? I do not wish to loose the momentum of yesterday and his separation anxiety from his mother," Miss Jane said to her maid, the perfectly turned out Giselle.

"Non, non, Madame, all is ready." the comely Giselle protested. "Oui, Madame, all you have to do is walk into his room and let 'le magique' work! I will arrive upon your signal. The rest will be, as they say, 'histoire.'"

Miss Jane took a final look at her image in the long wardrobe mirror and was entirely pleased. At forty-something she still cut a most impressive, if not imposing, presence. Everything was perfect for sissy seduction. Her willowy five foot, ten inch frame was clad in summery Victorian splendor: a long grey silk dirndl skirt with coral cummerbund and matching sheer blouse with mutton sleeves. Five inch silk French-style heels and sheer white nylons complimented her perfectly manicured coral pink nails and lipstick and carefully coiffed Gibson Girl-styled silver hair. As she moved, the sheer silk-taffeta petticoat under her skirt together with her silk blouse and fine French lace lingerie made the most delightful, and seductive, swishing sound.

Miss Jane Elizabeth Bichier was very much up to task at hand.


Young Master Saint Ambrose had made it through the large, clearly very feminine bedroom to the large lavishly appointed adjoining bathroom and was assessing 'the damage' in a long, floor to ceiling mirror. He was always troubled by his fair, clearly feminine looks, but never had they been so in-his-face obvious. The wedding preparations Mummy and his new Auntie Jane insisted upon had driven him over the top. It had been a series of nightmarish visits to a beauty salon for skin treatments, hair coloring and styling, eyebrow shaping, manicures and pedicures and even having his ears pierced.

"Damn," he thought, "if only I had not lost track of time sampling Mummy's lingerie. Being busted was one thing, but busted by both Mummy and her husband-soon-to-be a month before the wedding was a total bummer! What else could I do but go along with their 'little lessons?'

"Mummy had been so upset until 'Daddy Ben's' sister had arrived. The next day Auntie Jane took over and his new regimen began.

Being made to wear panties and a camisole was kinda cool, except to trying to manage his constant peenie pulses. His clothing style had changed to almost exclusively short shorts and girlish tops to the point when Auntie Jane dressed him for the wedding it really was not that big of a deal.

The tittie treatments and the insistence on having a 'fanny friend' nearly constantly inserted deeply into his bottom were quite another matter. Each time he grew accustomed to his 'friend,' they increased its size.

As he examined his body through his sheer silk chemise it was more than apparent that the special diet Auntie insisted on and the daily vitamin injections had a noticeable effect. His naturally large and puffy nipples were even more pronounced and his breasts seemed a little more pointy and a lot more sensitive.

One slender hand went to his mass of wavy blond hair while the other sought a very hard nipple protruding from his chemise. His petit popsie rose quite involuntarily in concert with his nipples. Just as he began to erotically twist his body as both hands caressed his budding bosoms and thoughts of ejaculation filled his mind, a voice came from his side.

"Well, Julian, you do seem to like the 'new you.'"

Julian, beet faced, turned to see his very elegant and commanding Aunt Jane standing in the doorway.

"Which," she continued, "is most fortunate as this will be the 'you' for at least the next month, if not the remainder of the summer. Then we shall properly sort things out once and for all. Not that you ever have a hope of being anything other than a sissy.

"However, today is today, and it is high time we began it. I believe that you know all about you morning ablutions. Kindly be a dear and complete them during the next half-hour. Leave your hair damp, wrapped in a towel. You will find a robe on the back of the bath's door. Please don it and the mules next to the door frame and be seated at the bedroom's dressing table when we return to prepare you for the day."

"We?" Julian wondered.


Having completed his morning cleansing, made easier with the convenient bidet, shower and hair wash and conditioning, and body and face moisturizer, Julian was seated obediently at the frilly large dressing table wearing a short pink silk robe and matching three inch feather trimmed mules.

Aunty Jane began, "Julian, this is my maid, Giselle. You will address her either 'Miss' or 'Miss Giselle.' Although she is my maid, she is very much your superior and you shall obey any and all of her directions. As we seem to be on the subject of names, you will address me as 'Ma'am' at all times except in private, when you may address me as 'Auntie Jane.' You, my dear, shall be referred to as Sissy Julian, or simply 'Sissy.' Understand?"

Julian said, "Yes, Auntie Jane...errr, Ma'am."

"Auntie Jane will do at the present," she replied. "Giselle will now attach your breast devices and then proceed to do something nice to fix that unruly mop atop you head. Starting tonight you will sleep in curlers to avoid this morning mess. In a few days you shall become entirely self sufficient in the hair and makeup departments.

As Giselle attached the conic shaped breast pumps to Julian's tiny mounds before turning to his hair and makeup, Auntie Jane continued, "In the meantime, I shall review just what will be expected of during your stay here.

"The first rule is that total, unquestioned obedience is mandatory at all times. The slightest deviation from such will result in a punishment. Just so there is no misunderstanding, both Giselle and I will use the strictest forms of corporal discipline on you. The mildest of which will be a spanking. More severe infractions will result in the use of paddles, canes and even birch bundles.

"Do I make myself perfectly clear, Sissy Julian?"

"Yes, Ma'am," squeaked out a quite thoroughly terrified Julian, completely unaware that his proud little popsie just became a little more pointed.

After a knowing smile was exchanged between mistress and maid, Auntie Jane resumed her homily. "Sissy Julian, do you understand why you are here and why you are going to undergo strict sissy training for the next month?"

A befuddled and still very much terrorized Julian managed to blurt out a reference to being punished for being caught wearing his mother's lingerie.

"Well, I suppose that is the surface of it. However, it is far from the whole of it. Very far, in fact. Allow me to fill in a few blanks - just for the record. One, you are a serial abuser of your beautiful mother's delicate under things, and have been so for a very long time.

"She accepts some guilt for that because as a very young child you just looked so cute in frilly things and so enjoyed wearing them. Apparently you threw some extraordinary tantrums when you could not wear those cute little blouse and shorts outfits - even when you were twelve years old! I understand that once you threw a spectacular tantrum over not having your frilly white gloves at church! And you insistence on having capri pants led you directly to the teen girls department, with little or no reservations. Even your mother's equal insistence that you buy matching panties did not deter you. Oh, my, such a prissy little sissy you are!

"You clearly are more comfortable in the company of girls and women rather than with boys and men. Your uncomfort with males is something we must come to better understand. Is it because you dislike them, or could it be because you like them too much? But I digress...

"In any event, you are here for the next month to be a complete sissy. And that you shall be. After the month, your mother and stepfather shall see what you have become and make a determination about your future. I, however, have little doubt as to who and what you are, let alone what you will become. The only question how far you will go and with whom - male or female.

"So, sweetie, during the next month you shall live completely as a swishing, milksop, pansy, prissy-sissy boy. I believe some refer to it as immersion therapy. And, you, my fair young sissy, shall be totally immersed! Beauty lessons, lots of girlie juice, the most fabby frilly sissy boy outfits imaginable and even our own little corps de ballet starting Tuesday.

While Giselle fussed with a drier and makeup enhancements, Auntie Jane busied herself laying out Julian outfit for the day. The young sissy was amazed at the wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlamp look the makeup created. His light blue eyes had a look of perpetual innocent amazement. His lips seemed to glisten in a red creamy gloss that matched his new nail color.

Soon enough, Giselle combed out his hair into a short sissy bob and placed clipped a cute little navy baby blue ribbon to one side, allowing the other side to fall just past his eye on the other side. His full head of hair was short for a girl, but long for a boy just perfect for a sissy.

"Delightful!" exclaimed Auntie Jane. "After the salon tomorrow he will be sissy perfection! Time to dress the sissy. Giselle, please bring him over to the dressing mirrors and up upon the dressing pedestal."

Once Julian was standing atop the two foot circular pedestal, Auntie Jane continued, "Now, Julian, I'm sure you must miss your 'fanny friend.' No worries, I have a new and improved one for you. I think you know how to present yourself.

"Yes, sweetie, that's right. Bend over and pull apart your sweet sissy cheeks. Look in the side mirror. I want you to see, as well as feel the full impact of your new friend."

Julian gasped and turned scarlet when he saw its length. It had to be over eight inches, with a thinner series of egg-shaped flexible beads towards its tip. The base broadened out to almost a three inch diameter before tampering off into a narrow flange to hold it securely in place.

"Impressive, isn't it my little kitten?" taunted Auntie Jane. "Well, around here we refer to it a 'Mr. Wigglie. You'll understand why shortly. Giselle, will you do the honors.' I want to watch the little minx's face while I steady him on the pedestal."

Aunty came about and firmly gripped Julian's slender shoulders while Giselle approached the hapless sissy with something that looked like an old fashioned grease gun.

Julian has been fixated on Auntie Jane's deeply breathing chest, which perfectly displayed her ripe, mature breasts and their fine French lace covering through the sheer silk of her blouse. The slender hose of the device caused Julian to gasp anew in pleasure as the tube deeply entered him and then began to eject a cool gel throughout his rectum and well into his bowels.

"Ah, who once famously said, 'getting there is half the fun?'" Auntie Jane chuckled in a throaty voice, well aware of her own moistening nether parts. "Perfect, now for Mr. Wigglie - the friend no sissy can resist."

Giselle inserted the device slowly, but very deliberately as Julian began a series of the cutest little sissy squeals. He even did not seem to mind the stretching caused by the broad bottom part. Julian actually partial sucked in the final part up to the flange, quite unaware that his peenie was leaking like a broken faucet, albeit a very tiny faucet.

When Aunty Jane raised his upper body to an erect position, Julian let out yet another squeal as the device took full purchase in his sissy pussy. Only a keen wit and years of sissy training caused Aunty to smartly step to one side, thereby avoiding the perfectly predicable peenie pulsing spew.

"My goodness, Giselle, but aren't they all just so predictable." laughed Auntie Jane. "Better get a towel and clean him up before I put on his very first peenie petal."

After the comely Giselle had cleaned up Master Julian's mistake, and restored his pretty little peenie to its pointy pride, Auntie Jane approached the hapless sissy with an incredibly frilly little ring of silk, satin and lace.

"Sissy boy, meet your trademark from here on! It's called a peenie petal. It displays and enhances your tiny little jewels and tootsie pop. The effect of it on a sissy is profound, as you will come to understand. It stimulates; it humiliates - and then the twains meet! It defines a sissy. In short, it may well be the most divine sissy accoutrement ever invented!

"Look at it. Yes, isn't it simply divine? Oh, so lacy and frilly, but it also embraces your popsie and pert little plumbs, holding them in a sissy tormenting grasp. Taken with Mr. Wigglie and your frillie pansy pretties, you will be in a constant near orgasmic state. Aren't you just so excited about you new 'direction'? Can we now spell D-I-V-I-N-E! I just bet we can!"

Julian was completely nonplussed.

Auntie Jane was in a very special world all of her own.

Giselle's sweet pussy was simply dripping. She knew what the ensuing sissy emasculation followed by the inevitable girlie-boy stimulation would do to her Mistress, and what urgent delights would be required shortly thereafter. She could smell her Mistress' growing musky scent from where she was standing.

"Oh, yesss, Mistress, let's get him frocked and dressed now!" a surprisingly lusty voice rasped out from the sexually molting maid.

"Enough, my precious!" Auntie Jane snapped, with her own measure of lust dripping from her lips. "For that, a caning shall precede your little treat. But, of course, that will only increase your passion, will if not?"

At last turning to the befuddled sissy, Auntie Jane said, "Right, Julian, now for what well may be the watershed moment of your new sissy life - your first petal!

"Giselle, please put on his sissy panties and mind that you properly position his sweet little pink stick and berries for the petal."

Giselle pulled up and positioned what appeared to be a white silk covered panty girdle. In had row upon row of navy blue and white lace covering Julian's entire backside. The high waisted top and leg openings were also adorned with frilly sissy lace and pretty blue satin bows. The girdle design was not unique in that it formed and shaped his plump little boy buns in a nearly obscene manner. However, its front was unique in that its flat, tight tummy piece opened about his teapot with a lace trimmed hole that fit neatly about its base.

As Giselle was completing her task, Auntie again held out the petal. It appeared to be a satin flower with a hole at its base. "Look at this closely my sweet sissy, the satin ribbon ties about your entire little teapot. The satin petals spring out from there to embrace your tiny little popsie pistil and blossoming little pulsating pink plums. The satin and lace will keep you, as we said, in a constant state of arousal - something that is so very attractive, and essential, in a true sissy boy. The best of sissies simply cannot keep themselves from spreading their sweet sticky pollen all about.

"Now, who's going to be our very our little pansy pollen polluter? Could it be our very own sissy Julian? Oh, I think so!"

Had not young Master Julian just squirted, he surely would have as the peenie petal was fit about him. When his new Auntie removed herself from the mirror's view, the visuals were equal to the sensuals of his new mortification, maybe even more so - at least for the time being.

The pale blue and white satin and lace 'garment' literally created a flower from his sissy bits and pieces. The long petals were reinforced with internal netting and made from navy blue satin on the outside and pure white bridal satin on the inside came up nearly to the tip of his tiny popsie stick. His sweet sissy pink plums were nestled neatly beneath. The garment, itself, was secured about his tender little teapot by blue satin ribbons drawn tight about its base and finished off in an adorable broad bow at the top of the base. Every edge of the garment was trimmed in blue and white lace.

The coup de cockette was a small elastic blue and white lace wreath with five jingle bells attached that went just under his peenie head.

As profound as the bizarre display was, the sensation was even greater. Any movement from the hapless sissy's pelvis south caused the petals to caress his most sensitive parts in the most distracting way. Combined with Mr. Wigglie, this was a sure sissy spurter.

Even worse, against a sea of worse, not only a mere sissy spurter, but a sissy spurter to the tune of Jingle Bell's in June.

How out-of-season tacky! Yuk!

Expressing an entirely different view, Auntie Jane taunted, "Sooo adorable, Sissy Julian's very first peenie petal! Now who's feeling all swishy and sissy?"

"Giselle, be a dear and please help him into his training bra. Then add his cute little sissy socks and mary janes. I'll arrange his blouse and shorts. We do want our new charge looking pansy-pretty for his very first church service, don't we?"

"Church? Oooh myyy gawd!" thought Julian. "Say it ain't so! I meant she can't..."

The bra was every bit of a match for the panties. It, too, was of a retro-1950's vintage: a tight strap went under his little budding bosoms and his twin pansy peaks were caught up in surprisingly stiff net-like lace that developed their shape to the most advantageous nature. Like his panties, the key elements were fully exposed. The tip of each almost conic cup was cut away to fully expose his blossoming girlie-boy nipple in its entire erect splendor.

Julian's sissy socks were white stretch cotton with turned-over tops trimmed in three rows of the frilliest possible white a blue lace. On the back of each top was a pretty blue satin bow. His navy blue patent leather mary janes had two inch heels with matching grosgrain blue bows on their toes.

Oh my!

Which were exactly the thoughts of each of the three participants - each for their own, and very personal reasons. Jane for her lust for domination, Giselle in her lust for Jane, and Julian is his oh-so-secret lust to be a sissy.

Jane, predictably, recovered first, but only to turn her attention to poor Julian.

"Giselle," she said, "please fetch the camera at once. I'll get the jewelry and lace gloves. We need some pictures before he's fully dressed. No need to pose him. He will pose himself, if not squirt a second time during the process."

After Auntie had drawn delicate white lace gloves with navy blue bows at the wrists and added little pearl strands about his neck, right wrist and left ankle, she surveyed her new toy.

"Yes, Julian, you do make a most impressive sissy. Those doe-like, blue frosted eyes are perfect. Didn't Giselle just do a perfect job with your makeup? The liner, shadow and mascara highlight their natural beauty just like the shiny red gloss shows off your full, plump lips. And the rouge on your cheeks makes you just so sissy-perfect - a living doll with full, wavy flaxen hair."

Taking one of Julian's bullet hard nipples between her fingers and teasing it, Auntie Jane continued taunting the hapless sissy, "And, sweet pea, look in the mirror at your pert little nipples. Sooo sissy-succulent. They already are such a turn on for you, aren't they? Just wait until they've had more training. You'll orgasm just from having them played with."

Reaching down with her other hand, Auntie tweaked his tiny popsie with her nail. "Julian, you know this pathetic little peenie could never satisfy a girl, let alone a real woman. Why it's nothing more that a cute little curiosity to be toyed with. It certainly is non-threatening to any normal boy. However, I'm sure that it makes them feel proud of their real penises. Only another sissy would admire its small size and want to play with it.

"Yes, Julian, I'm afraid you're destined to be with your own kind -- other little pansy, sissyboy faggots. Of course, some real boys may want you to play with their big, thick juicy cocks. Yes sweetie, 'cocks,' because that's what normal boys have between their legs. Look at those sweet lips of yours. Now wouldn't they just be perfect wrapped about a cock?

"Maybe we will be able to find a real life Mr. Wigglie for you? I bet you'd just love that!"

"Oh, Aunty Jane, please don't do this to me!" Julian pleaded, a tear coming to his eye as he noticed Giselle taking pictures.

"Oh, come now Julian," she responded in a teasing voice. "Look at how erect your little stick is just from the thought. It's so cute all wrapped up in its petal. Why look, it even has a little pearl of sissy juice at its tip. Now that's the type of tears a sissy should shed.

"Yes, see how the petal works? The harder your little peenie gets, the tighter the petal grasps to ensure you remain nice and stiff. That's the way a sissy should be presented. It amuses the girls and ladies and makes all the other sissies insane with lust. Dare I even mention what it does to the normal boys, let alone real men?"

"Oooh nooo," moaned Julian.

"Oooh yesss," retorted Auntie. "Accept it, Julian. Not that you have any choice in the matter whatsoever.

"Giselle, please bring over his top. Time to get our little sissy sailor dressed for the day."

Giselle handed Auntie a tiny sailor's blouse made from polished white cotton, who pulled it over the befuddled sissy's head and smoothed it down his chest. The outlines of his erect nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Its capped short, puffy sleeves were finished off in a navy blue cuff with three thin white stripes. The sailor's collar bib in back was also navy blue with three broader white strips next to its edges. The front of the collar was finished off in a broad, puffy navy blue satin bow. The bow and its ends hung is such a way to frame the top and inner sides of his pointy nipple and modest little mounds. As he turned a bit, to his horror he discovered that the outline of his lacy retro bra was also quite visible.

"Just adorable," sighed Auntie. "Now for his shorts and sash and we are done."

Julian secretly loved the sailor's top. It reminded him of a sailor suit his mother had put him in many years ago. However, the fabric was so tormenting his sensitive nipples that he failed to notice the even more bizarre navy blue matching fabric shorts as they were being pulled up his smooth, slender legs.

The shorts became very tight as Auntie fastened up their left side with many small fabric covered buttons. Julian could feel their tight rear embrace his girdled tear-drop derriere like a second skin. The waist was high, coming up well past his belly button and even tighter than over his fanny. As it closed about his waist, his top was pulled taunt in front, further emphasizing his bra straps, protruding nipples and tiny mounds.

The shorts were beyond short, actually rising as they crossed his hips with their white ruffled trimming about the leg holes. However, it was the front that most alarmed poor Julian.

Like his panty girdle, they were open about his peenie petal with some sort of flap or bib hanging down. Smiling at her sissy's more than apparent mortification, Auntie Jane lifted the flap and said, "Now-now, Julian, fret not. We will provide you with some modesty with your cute little peenie bib. After all, we are going to church in case it slipped your mind.

"Now let just hoist up your little anchor. Isn't that just so special?"

The 'anchor' was almost as obscene as nothing at all. The peenie bib was white and shaped to embrace his pointedly proffered be-petaled peenie with delicate white ruffles about its sides that matched trimming about his leg holes. Julian could not understand why the flap was referred to as his little anchor as Auntie Jane affixed it in place, again with tiny blue cloth covered buttons to form a very bizarre sailor's pant front.

Once she stood to the side and Julian could see his image in the dressing mirrors, he understood. It was the final humiliation.

A stylized navy blue anchor form was embroidered into the peenie bib. The base of the anchor went across the flap portion covering the bottom of his peenie petal and the shaft traced up to where the tip of his upwardly thrust peenie rested underneath. His molded sissy pole and petal made the anchor stick out and wiggled as he moved.

"Sooo cute!" enthused Auntie Jane. "Now let's get his sash and little sailor's hat on and be on our way. Giselle, tie the sash into a pretty big bow on his side, and I will put on his hat."

When they were done, Julian was again made to pose for the camera. If the obscene shorts and sissy sailor top were not enough, the accessories finished him off into pure prissy pantyboy pansy perfection. The broad white sash about his slender waist was tied at his left side into a massive, puffy bow and long ends extending down to his bare, smooth mid thighs. A sweet little glossy white straw sailor's hat with a navy blue ribbon band and chin strap and matching tiny straw purse with a blue bows affixed to both its side and handle perfectly finished him off.

Then things took a turn for the worse, if that could be imagined.

It all started with Mr. Wigglie. As Julian moved, the devilish device tickled parts of him he didn't even he had, which caused him to sway his hips and take tiny mincing steps. This, in turn caused his peenie petal to move about his little stick and his blouse to rub his sensitive, ever-so-erect nipples. All of which ended in having poor Julian flap his limp wristed hands and squeal in the most sissish manner.

All these movements caused his little, tinkerbell (dare we say 'dinkerbell'?) wreath to jingle and all his lacy and frilly sissy things to rustle. This, naturally, and expectedly, caused utter sissy mortification, embarrassment and humiliation - and the greatest erection of the young boy's life!

"I do love it when a plan comes together," chuckled an obviously delighted Aunty Jane. "Julian, I want you to mince back and forth before the dressing mirror for a few minutes. Yes, keep your wrists bent and flap your arms all you like. I shall return shortly after Giselle tends to an urgent need of mine."

To be continued...

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Julian's story continues with his first day at Lake Orenda, and quite an interesting day it proves to be!
If lots of frilly sissy outfits, super swishy behavior and a little sex - not to mention dominant women - are your thing, please read on. If not, thanks for looking anyway.

It is also a purely fanciful, fantasy fictional work. No references are intended to portray any actual persons, places or events whether past or present. This chapter is rated R as it contains sissy sex. Caution, part of the chapter is set in a church. If that might be offensive, please do not read.


Sissy Julian

by sissystevie

Chapter II Introductions


Julian quite naturally some might say altogether too naturally carried on in front of the large dressing mirrors. In truth, except for a few disconcerting details, his sailor outfit was one that he had dreamed of ever since he could remember.

His revelry was cut short by an awful sound coming from the next room. It was a sickening 'thwack' followed by a loud squeal. Two more 'thwacks' and squeals followed. Then silence.

Terror returned to Julian as he recalled Auntie Jane mentioning something about caning her maid, Giselle. Was that her 'urgent need?' he wondered.

Then came a long moan followed by, "Aaah, yeeesss! Right there. Mmmm."

Even a dim witted, hormone besotted sissy could now figure out what Auntie's urgency was.

"But could dressing me have turned her on more than it turned me on?" he questioned. "Geesh, what kinda people are they?"

Then terror, "I guess she really does mean that stuff about punishment! Well, she said practice walking, so I'd better practice! Flappy arms, limp wrists, small steps okie dokie, if that's what the woman, errr, 'Ma'am' wants, that's what she's gonna get!"

It was a very enthusiastic prancing pansy that greeted a slightly flushed, but still very much in-charge Auntie Jane when she returned to fetch her new pansy project.

"Well-well, aren't we into the swing of things? Auntie Jane said upon entering the room. "Keep your elbows in at your waist and slow down your arms a bit. Show some girlie grace. However, I must say that even a Canal Street strumpet couldn't outdo your hip movement."

"It's time to leave for church. We're going by boat, as practically everything here at Lake Orenda is done. See wasn't I just so thoughtful in dressing you in such a cute little sailor's outfit?

"The Lake is actually quite secluded and is in one of the last full hundred-sections, or 64,000 acres, of the Adirondack Mountains still in private hands. You might be interested to learn that 'Orenda' is the Iroquois word for 'magic power.' My family has been coming here for well over a century. Residents are carefully screened for - oh, how shall I put it? Well, 'selective interests' seems to fit.

"Follow me, my little cumquat, your public awaits."

Julian was lead out into the hallway for the first time, past a much disheveled Giselle who handed Auntie Jane a large hat, and down an ornate wooden staircase to a great entrance hall with two massive stone fireplaces on either side. Trophies of too numerous to count game kills adorned the walls. The floor was highly polished fieldstone. In the front was a set of large doors opening to a porte-cochere where a dwarfed, and seemingly inappropriate, golf cart sat.

"They call this a 'camp,'" marveled Julian. "This house could take up three of Mummy's Park Avenue triplexes!"

Auntie Jane indicated for Julian to climb aboard, pausing with a slight smile on her face as she tied her hair-protecting hat about her chin to watch him seat himself. She was not disappointed. When Julian sat down, Mr. Wigglie changed position in the most provocative manner, causing the young lad to squeal in the highest pitched voice imaginable.

Giggling, she took the drivers seat and plunged the accelerator down to the floorboard, causing twin geysers of gravel to rise from the rear tires.

"Even in a frippin' golf cart she's a terror," Julian thought as he held on for dear life. Mr. Wigglie was having a field day. Had it not been for the life threatening aspect of Auntie Jane's driving and simply trying to keep in his seat with his little straw hat in place, Julian would have gushed sissy creamies for the entire trip to the boathouse, which turned out to be a modest little structure that could easily dock half the U.S. Navy. Off to one side was a sizable seaplane hangar. On the other side was a lower slip with a vintage 1931 Chris-Craft twenty-two foot triple cockpit custom runabout. On its stern in flowing gold script was its name, "Pouf Bunny."

What boy was left in Julian thought that it was a really neat boat. The looming sissy in Julian worried about messing his hair and losing his pretty straw hat. The self-preservation in Julian wondered what this mad woman would do in a high powered boat.

What he failed to consider was Mr. Wigglie.

Silly sissy!

Auntie Jane helped him down into the front right seat before casting off the lines, slipping out of her five-inch heels and settling into the pilot's seat on the left. She was delighted that once again a sweet sissy squeal quite involuntarily came out as he sat down, but knew the best part was yet to come.

As Julian settled into the supple, but somewhat thin, green tucked and roller leather upholstery, Auntie Jane kicked in the big Chrysler V-8 engine. Its throaty roar was soon surpassed by the vibrations that seemed to channel themselves directly to Julian's new and improved fanny friend, Mr. Wigglie.

"Oooh, Auntie Jane!" Julian squeaked out. That v-v-i-br-br-braa-tion! Oooh myyy!"

"Oh, Julian," a laughing Auntie hooted back, "stop being such a sissy! Oh, but then, that is precisely what you are. Enjoy the ride and do mind your cute little sailor's hat."

Julian was almost adjusted to the vibrations and starting to enjoy the ride when they reached the open water past the boathouse's cove. Then Auntie Jane opened up the throttle and the large inboard leapt above the choppy waves.

For the next fifteen minutes Auntie Jane was serenaded to sissy squeals and squeaks that even overcame the roar of the big engine.

"I just hope I cinched the petal tight enough to keep him from squirting." Aunt Jane thought. "But, oh well, it wouldn't be the first time a sissy had a gooey front in church! Canon Cheshire Cockburn would pretend not to approve and at the same time be playing pocket billiards under his vestments."

Approaching a small island, she at last slowed down and allowed Julian to gather himself as she approached a long dock in front of a classic little stained shake-covered mountain resort chapel. At the end of the dock were two strapping teenage boys in white shorts and crisp knit polo shirts who were helping a group of people from their boat.

The boys looked so normal to Julian, which caused panic about his brazen sissy sailor costume. They landed on Julian's side of the boat and one of the boys reached down to help him out. Julian held his slender right arm with wrist bent and was lifted out of the boat in one powerful motion to land squarely in the arms of a very handsome, athletic young man who was about twice his size. Julian's turned his face upward and looked up into the boy's eyes not at all sure of what to do next.

"And you must be the new sissy," the dock boy said with an amused smile. Stand to my side while I get Miss Bichier out of her runabout."

Stepping partially into the boat and again offering his hand, he said, "Good morning Miss Bichier. I hope you had a pleasant trip over. Your sissy appears a little distraught."

"Oh, hello, Josh," Auntie Jane replied with a broad smile as she tossed her hat into the immediate aft cockpit. "Well, at least I had a lovely ride over. You know how high strung these sissies are! High speeds tend to terrify them, and the slightest little 'wiggle' in their delicate lives just seems to set them off."

Holding her heels in one hand and Josh's strong hand in the other, Auntie Jane gracefully stepped out of the vintage inboard on onto the dock. Handing Julian her coral silk shoes, she said, "Julian, be a good little sissy and help Auntie Jane into her heels.

"Yes, that's right, kneel down. We all know how sissies adore high heels, especially in pretty pink silk."

Julian was, of course, mortified by this new humiliation, but simply could not take his eyes of the beautifully formed shoes with their curved French-style heels.

In was only the addition of another pair of boys dock shoes that broke his fixations of the shoes. An even greater embarrassed sissy finally completed his task and rose to be greeted by yet another Mr. Wigglie invasion, which brought on a brief sissy yelp.

Once he focused, Julian saw that Auntie Jane, Josh and the other dock boy were all chuckling at the hopelessly effeminate sissy. His cheeks turned almost as red as the rouge highlights upon them as he looked down in shame as his feet. In doing so, he made a discovery that sent a chill up his spine.

The new boy had a gigantic erection under his white shorts!

Oh my!

And he could not take his eyes off it.

Oh no!

And it was noticed.

"Julian, dear, it's rude to stare, even if you find the object so interesting," Auntie Jane said with sarcasm dripping from her frosted coral lips. "Perhaps an introduction would help.

"Julian, this is Jock - one of the boys helping out this summer. Jock, this is Julian, my new sissy in training. Julian, I believe you have already met Josh."

Julian, still blushing, just stood there with his elbows to his sides, wrists limp and twisted a little to one side, whilst rubbing his knees together as he moved. He looked up from his lowered head with a lock of his flaxen hair covering one eye and said, "Hi Jock and Josh."

It was sheer pansy poetry in motion, but that Jock was a living Adonis.

Before verbal responses could come from the boys, the church bell peeled out and Auntie Jane took Julian by his arm and said, "We must be on our way, mustn't keep the Canon waiting. We'll see you boys at the garden party after the service."

As Auntie Jane and Julian made their way across the lawn to the chapel, Jock's eyes lingered on Julian's rear, and he said, "Can you believe that sissy ass? He even has mini tits! And those lips!"

"Well, before you blow your load, you'd better tend to Miss Bichier's boat or your ass will be hers in a way you do not even want to consider!" Josh cautioned. "She is so not a woman you want to cross!"


The Chapel of the Epiphany was a late nineteenth century relic of the great robber baron fortunes. Beautifully constructed from local stone and timber it bore all the marking of an earlier, grander age. That it managed to stay perfectly intact despite 'progress' was a testament to the chosen few who looked over the Lake.

They were the last of the parishioners to enter, something that was, of course, completely calculated. Not only were the others seated, but the surprisingly large organ had stopped playing in preparation for the clerical entry processional. Both Auntie Jane's high and Julian much lower heels clicked across the polished slate floor, the tiny jingle of Julian's peenie ring was as clear and the carillon chimes in the steeple. Worse, they were headed for the very front pew!

Although the chapel was small with only about fifteen pews on either side of the main aisle, the walk seemed to take forever to the fanciful fairy. He could literally feel the eyes burning through his sides and back from the fancy ladies, gentlemen and exceedingly well turned out older children in attendance.

Almost on cue - and perhaps it was - the processional music began just after Julian once again squealed as they sat. When they rose and turned to towards the narthex, more eyes were upon them, or more precisely Julian, than the entering clergy attendants.

"Be proud of the sissy that you are, Julian." Auntie Jane hissed. "The very last thing you need is to embarrass me.

"And hold you handbag over the anchor on the front of your shorts. Maybe it will hide some of the dampness down there."

Poor Julian's face, already rosy with shame, turned scarlet as the processional reached the mid way point to the altar. It was then that the flummoxed milksop took notice of it.

The procession was led by four acolytes, two seemingly identical boys and two girls. The identical looking boys were bearing crucifix and flag whilst the girls bore scriptures and gospel. All were dressed in the frilliest vestments he had ever seen.

The Bambi-eyed boys' cassocks were made from shiny pale blue chintz. About their necks were broad, high Anglican ruffs. At the hems of their cassocks was a row of frills that attached to a lower hanging silk undergarment. Their soft white surplices were made from very light organza and lace that literally floated about their diminutive bodies.

Julian thought he saw traces of bulges in the lower, forward part of their cassocks as their surplices glided over the undergarments, but rejected it as simply unbelievable.

The approaching boys glanced at Julian with more than a passing interest. One even pursed his lips whilst staring directly into Julian's eyes. As they passed, a totally disbelieving Julian was sure that both boys had very stiff sissy poles. Then he realized that his very own twinkette was literally at the bursting point.

In church?

Say it ain't so!

Julian's cheek color passed scarlet.

The two girls were dressed in similar outfits, but with pink, much fuller cassocks. They looked at Julian with a disapproving sneer reserved for boys whose behavior was deemed unacceptable. In turn, they were followed by the parish rector, Canon Cockburn, dressed in a black cassock, starched white surplice and priest's stole.

The Canon was a handsome man in his mid-fifties who could have come from a film studio's central casting office. He epitomized the stereotypical Episcopalian rector with a full mane of salt and pepper hair, bushy eyebrows and a slightly ruddy patrician face. His demeanor suggested a privileged life that included an elite New England boarding school and an Ivy League university.

The not-so-small bulge in his cassock suggested something else.


The service was thankfully routine and without incident. Not surprisingly, they used the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the 1940 Hymnal. It even appeared to be an erection-free zone. The service was one that Julian had known his entire life. The congregation may have been very kinky, but they also loved their Anglican religion; however they, or the Canon, chose defined it.

As the recessional formed in front of the rood's chancel, one acolyte boy winked and the other again slightly pursed his lips at Julian. The girls again sneered and the Rector's growing erection pointed the way.

The parishioners, by local tradition, left row by row, beginning with the first row and, hence, Auntie Jane and Julian.

"Julian, I expect your finest sissy mince down the aisle. Anything less will get you publicly spanked on the church steps!" Auntie Jane whispered in a tone clearly not to be trifled with. "Small steps, elbows locked to your waist, purse daintily held and wrists limp. Be sure to smile at all the communicants. They all want to meet you."

Talk about a mortified mince!

"After you, my dear," said Auntie.

"Yes, Ma'am!" said the sissy.


"You had best be good. No, 'exceptional,'" said Auntie. "Make your Auntie Jane proud! Or pay the price at the chapel's steps!

"Frankly, I cannot decide which I want more."

And he did - more in a trance than with conscience. Almost by rote, as if he had been at this long enough to acquire rote, which of course, he had not.

Maybe it was natural?

Refined, elegant people smiled at him; he smiled at the terribly elegant people. Men seemed a bit ungainly as they sought to reposition themselves. In some ways it was just like being back at his own Park Avenue parish.

Women seemed to sense play with a new toy. Their older children, only over eighteen years olds were welcomed in church for this service, looked at him with expressions varying from lust to disgust.

Well, a prig is as a prig does...

The irony was lost on practically everyone.

Julian smiled and smiled. Mr. Wigglie just wiggled. All was fine until Julian found himself face to face with a canopy restored cassock worn by Canon Cockburn and the exit door. Quite by instinct Julian offered his free hand and performed a little near-curtsey dip.

"How utterly charming, Jane. What is this fair fellow's name?" he said.

"You old fart, Chessy, you perfectly know this is Julian, my new sissy charge for the summer!" spat out Auntie Jane with a smile that would have made a pit viper proud. "And he's off limits, for at least the time being.

"And I will expect you over at my camp tomorrow morning for further 'enlightenment' on this subject. Your pathetic woodie during the service was a disgrace worthy of a taste of some finer Adirondack birch saplings! Poetic, isn't it? I'm sure your will be punctual, but then you always are...

"Meanwhile, you do have you little acolytes, but then at least half of them clearly would not mind Julian in flagrante, and the other half can't wait to see him to skirts! I'm sure one of the little trollops will rub your nub by then end of the day, but don't you dare fuck with my day! Julian's flagrante delicto is MY scene!

Got it, Rev?

"Yes, Mum," the defeated man responded, his eyes glued to a curious engraved signet ring on Auntie Jane's finger.

Auntie ended the exchange with, "A wise choice, Chessy. We all know your history... We women now run this parish for a reason. Another piece of wood from you in church, and I will personally chain saw it off!"

"Yes, Mum," responded the consummately crimped Canon.


Epiphany tea on the lawn was more of the same. Thinly veneered patrician elegance vainly attempting to cover over the most carnal and kinky desires to little or no benefit.

The younger, under eighteen, children were marshaled off to the rectory that was distant from the church lawn where the congregants met to take tea. Each one secretly was assessing the possibilities for the upcoming week, if not the remainder of the day. The new sissy was very much on their agenda!

Auntie Jane surveyed the options, already knowing the predetermined ending. A sissy should begin with sissies. And the sissies she had in mind were changing out of their liturgical vestments. The rest of the lechers, male and female, could wait for Hades to freeze over for all she cared.

In the end this was her lake and her sissy toy.

Soon enough, the two boy acolytes arrived at the party, freshly changed out of their vestments. Holding hands, they made a beeline to Auntie Jane.

"Good afternoon, boys," Auntie said in greeting. "I know you're dying to meet Julian. Isn't he just yummy in his little sailor's outfit?"

"Yes, Miss Bichier, and he is adorable," they responded in unison.

Julian wanted to sink into the lawn, but then noticed that both boys were dressed as outrageously as he. Both wore pink patent mary janes and white frilly sissy socks identical to his. They also wore shorts like his, but made from black velvet and with pink heart-shaped peenie bibs buttoned to their fronts and matching pink sashes about their slim waists.

Julian could not fail to notice that their little 'hearts' were beating at a very intense rate. But then his little 'anchor' was trying mightily to weigh its bib mooring.

Busy bibs all!

Their white blouses were made from heavy chiffon and had full long sleeves ending in lacy French cuffs with pearl fasteners. Their long, perfectly manicured nails were done in a soft pink frosted color that Julian had failed to notice in church. Both wore large pearly rings and smaller pearl bracelets. Each carried a purse similar to Julian's but with pink bows attached.

Their blouses, themselves, buttoned up the back with many cloth covered buttons and had ruffled high collars about which were very broad pink bow ties. The full sleeves continued to their shoulders and joined a flat top extending down to just above their pointed nipples, where gathered fabric took over before being neatly tucked into their sashes.

They wore makeup similar to Julian's, but had creamy pink lipstick that matched their nails. Both had beautiful brown eyes and very full, but still boyish light brown hair with cute pink bows pinned to one side.

Auntie continued her introduction, "Julian, these delectable little sissy morsels are Austin and Chauncey. They're twins and like to do everything together."

Turning to the twins, she continued, "Now boys, I want you show Julian how pretty sissy boys like you properly greet each other. Why don't you go first Austin?"

The boy on the right nodded, stepped over to Julian wrapped his arm about him, looked straight into his radiant blue eyes, smiled and then proceeded to give him an increasingly deep and long kiss.

Julian's body went limp before regaining first a tingle, and then a rush of sexual energy the likes of which he had never experienced before. It was heaven on earth. Soon he was fully responding, their young, lithe bodies intertwined, each feeling the other's strident twinkie.

A shameless performance, but neither boy cared a whit. Neither did anyone else except Chauncey who wanted his turn at the new sissy. Every 'gentleman' present had a least one hand in his, or someone else's, pocket. The ladies, most of whom were seated, re-crossed their legs.

To one side, Josh and Jack watched with the keen eye of a hawk watching a young bunny emerge from his hole. "If he kisses like that, imagine..." Jock sighed.

Eventually the sissies parted and returned to staring at each other with unbridled lust. As if out of a dream Julian heard clapping and realized through his besotted brain that the people were applauding him. However, before he could even blush, Chauncey charged and went directly to deep, body rubbing drool exchange.

Within two or three nanoseconds Julian was again in la-la lustland. It was not until several moments later that Auntie Jane steeped forward and separated the two lusting lads.

"Well, Julian, you certainly seem taken by the boys. I know that you are no stranger to other boys - wasn't it with that Kinderwurst boy whom you played those naughty games a couple of years ago?"

"How could she know about that?" Julian wondered.

For several months he had a 'secret' childhood dalliance with a schoolmate named Kevin Kinderwurst. Outside of the initial 'I'll do it to you, if you do it to me,' it always seemed that Julian always performed the latter, but rarely enjoyed the former. There always was reason for Kevin to leave once his creamies departed his plums.

Auntie cut short Julian's growing embarrassment with, "Boys, why don't you take Julian for a walk down along the lake shore and show him the sights? I know these teas sometimes are tedious for you sissy boys."

"Yes, Miss Bichier," the boys chorused.

"I'll mind your handbags, but first I think you boys might tidy up your faces."

The boys had powdered and reapplied their lip gloss, with each twin helping Julian with the finer touches.

After Auntie Jane collected their handbags with a sly smile and bade them to "Run along and have fun," each twin took one of Julian's hands into theirs and began skipping their way towards the water.

Skipping was a whole new event in Julian's relationship with Mr. Wigglie, and in no time he was squealing in true soprano tones. Reaching the water's edge and slightly out of breath, Austin said to his brother, "Oh, Chauncey, I think Julian is playing host to our old friend Mr. Wigglie. He must be in a desperate state!"

"The poor dear!" replied the nearly drooling twin. "Let's walk down to the old dollhouse; the younger kids are all up at the rectory.

"This way Julian."

The three sissies carefully walked, still hand-in-hand with Chauncey in the lead, Julian in the middle and Austin in the rear, down a path along the lake for about a quarter mile until they came to a miniature replica of a Victorian gingerbread house.

"Isn't it cute," said Chauncey. "The sissy girls love to come here and play with the dolls, not to mention their own dollies. There's nice soft carpeting and a lot of silky cushions."

"Let's go," offered Austin with his proud pecker pointing the way. "Time we gave this sissy some relief!"

"Oooh, yeeesss!" was all Julian could pant out.

He was completely in the thrall of these two beautiful boys and wanted to give as good as he was sure he was going to get, unlike that boorish Kevin Kinderwurst - plus these boys were seriously cute!

They entered the dollhouse through a small, but manageable door to enter a room that they were able to stand full erect in. None being over five foot-six inches helped considerably.

"Group huggies!" proclaimed the twins again in unison, and all three boys seemed to melt together with lips, hands and body rubies going everywhere. Kissing was a true passion to all three. The sheer electrical energy generated amongst the three boys could have powered the Empire State Building. Moans and sighs abounded as the boys succumbed to the most natural urges.

"I want you," escaped out of Julian's mouth during one particularly long moan.

"Which one, silly?" came back from Austin. "Why not try both? Then Chauncey and I will take you on the sissy swoon of your life. And we true sissies ALWAYS return the favor!"

Julian just wanted to inhale these lovely boys in that very special way sissies do. And those little beating hearts were adorable. So, on his knees he went as the twins began undoing the little buttons securing their pink peenie bibs.

What came out was one of the prettiest things Julian had ever seen: two of the most perfectly shaped, symmetrical, erect, peenies on the face of the Earth - both weeping little sissy tears of joy! They were quite a lit larger than his tiny toy and so ripe for quality loving.

Better yet, they were wrapped like the fanciest of gifts in fine, frilly peenie petals!

"Sooo suckable," Julian sighed in a swoon before he greedily took the first into his mouth, neither knowing, nor caring whose it was. The taste, feel and even smell were delicious! Once he cleaned that lollipop, he turned to the other in a frenzy to consume cockette. The twins hugged one-another as they tweaked each-other's needy nipples. Without a word said, both knew that the prospects for the summer had become instantly better, even though both realized that young Julian was destined for frocks and girlie things.

Neither did they deny the young poppet's mouth its creamie rewards. First one, and then the other feed their hungry little chick the boy nectar he so needed in copious quantities.

All three boys took a moment to recover and then Chauncey leaned over and gently laid Julian over an assortment of soft, fluffy cushions. The main course was about to be served.

Austin's mouth came down on Julian's sweet cummy lips in a lip-lock that stirred both boys' souls while Chauncey finally achieved 'anchor's aweigh,' by unbuttoning Julian's peenie bib.

"Oh, Austin, his petit peenie's perfect!" Chauncey squealed. "Sooo pink and cute!"

"You be sure to show him how it's done," cautioned Austin as his mouth went down on Julian's succulent left nipple right through his sailor's blouse, caring little for the lipstick marks he was leaving.

Neither did Julian who was currently residing in sowette heaven. Such sensations were things beyond his most prurient dreams. Chauncey was fully descended upon all of Julian's peenie petal-proffered little jewels.

Never had Julian felt anything remotely akin what these experienced sissies were doing to him. If his pretty little mary janes and sissy socks were off, one could have seen sparks gapping between his toes.

Julian spurted in a way that would have made the Old Faithful geyser look like a cheap squirt gun, but the double team onslaught continued unabated as the twins switched positions. The heady aroma of sweet sissy juice was everywhere, and the second act was just beginning as the twins changed positions.

Austin had raised Julian's legs over his shoulders and was doing things with his tongue that Julian had never dreamed of while Chauncey pulled up his blouse and was directly attacking his throbbing nipples with a ravenous mouth. Soon, Chauncey had the side of Julian's shorts undone and had snaked his hand down to make contact with the infamous Mr. Wigglie - a 'friend' with whom both twins were intimately familiar.

The main event was about to begin - Julian's trip for to a far distant universe where he had never been, but soon would be a frequent visitor, if not resident scholar.

Chauncey deeply kissed the besotted cumquat as he gently teased Mr. Wigglie's base. As Julian entered a deeper swoon, Chauncey descended on the poor poppet's nipples with renewed ravage while his hand began to move Mr. Wigglie in and out of Julian's sissy hole.

Austin put his Hoover-mouth on super suck and Julian was launched into outer space, not to reach full trajectory until he landed on Planet, or Asteroid as the case may be, Pluto.

And a very noisy landing it was because Julian turned out to be a bit of a screamer.

Back at the terribly proper Epiphany Chapel tea all heard Julian's 'landing,' although not a person acknowledged it in word. Wet or gooey under things were quite another matter.

Thus was Julian's introduction to Lake Orenda's recreational activities.

To be continued...

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